Another day at the office

Well it’s November and I’m in Sydney again setting up at the Opera House.

My theory with the weather here is that it’s halfway between the great sunshine in Queensland and the unpredictable Melbourne. It’s staying true to that, with yet another trip of low 20’s and drizzle. (And it’s 30’s in Melbourne??)

Day 1 at the house was limited somewhat by only some of the roadcases being present due to a breakdown of the Melbourne / Sydney freight train.

I filled in my afternoon with a trip down the light rail line to Lilyfield and back to Star City. I hadn’t been into the casino (or any casino) for years so I thought I’d have a look. A sad state really; the people & the casino.
After putting $7 in a slot machine I decided I’d had enough excitement.

Time to eat dinner, then back to the hotel.

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