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I’m Shout!ing.

Well, I’m on the eve of one of my bigger lighting designs.

It’s for CLOC music theatre’s production of Shout!.

I’ve remembered why I hat big designs for organised companies. It means I have to be organised.
I’m just too good at procrastinating….

On the otherhand, it’s not that hard. I’m using WYSIWYG for all the hard work.
If I really had the time, i’d visualise it as well, not just do the planning in it.

The hardest part with software like this, is getting the initial infastructure into it for each venue. Once you’ve done it once, you re-use it.
In this case, I just imported a 2D CAD drawing of the venue and then went 3D for the LX from there.

Shout! capture from WYSIWYG
Off to print the finished plan & associated paperwork before I get some sleep before my 6am bumpin….
6am! Cruel.

Photos & details from my past 4 or 5 shows soon..

Over the Tasmin

I recently ventured south over Bass Straight to see a friend perform back with her former theatre company in Launceston for their 25th aniversery concert.The Princess Theatre is a lovely old venue with Art Deco stylings. I guess regional companies such as Ballarat & Bendigo use venues similar to this as well, but here in Melbourne town, It would be like using Her Maj or The Princess.
I wish the companies I worked with could use such a venue for their shows.
A bit weird not really having a foyer in a cold place like Launceston though…

How was the show? It was a show… with 3 people (including my friend) that actually performed the number they were doing…
I now also know why I generally avoid the South Pacific type shows.. I don’t fall asleep.
When you’re doing a concert, it’s all about the performance of the performer. There is normally no set or costume (or the rest of the show) to support the numbers otherwise.

Also it pays to have comms between the MD and SM or at least the desk op. Many many times, there was an awkward moment of silence with the lights up and performer on stage waiting for the music to start.

Lighting tips of the day:
When using moving lights for over the audience effects, once is enough.
It gets a bit tired being blinded between each musical number.

Programing moving lights?
Make sure you pre-move & pre-set your gobo & position attributes before cues they are in.
That way they won’t fade (move) to their indended position when the fixture also fades up.

A night at the Opera

This evening I ventured to the Nat (National Theatre) in St Kilda to see The Merry Widow which my friend was lighting. I remember now why I light musical theatre and not opera.

Opera just moves too slow.

She did an excellent job though, considering it was her first proper design as such. The looks were simple, but elegant, which is what you need in opera.

Did I mention star cloths are cool?

The Nat is a lovely old venue, but how I wish some person the same age as the theatre would just drop dead and leave their fortune to the venue....

The decal gap....

No, it's not like 'the sock gap', it's that place on stage where the lead performer always wants to stand, but the decals only get his feet...

Life’s a Cabaret

Well I’ve just emerged from 4 weeks of shows. 3 shows, each 2 weeks, in 4 weeks. Doesn’t add up.

Cabaret, rave reviews, for my lighting individually as well. Happy with that.

Hot Mikado, not a bad little show, with a nice set (if I say so myself) and a last minute LX design which came out better than I thought it would with the time I had.

Rent. Sold out season, rave reviews.   Look out for the Australian premier of The Wild Party next in September