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  • home improvements..

    i’ve added this entry from my windows mobile device using the new mobile admin interface. does not work on the blackberry browser though. i’ve also moved to a nicer theme, although one that included a thumbnail in the post summary would be nicer. (does it exist?)

  • A new alarm clock.

    There’s a new member of the household who arrive 1st January. A kitten called Dexter. He’s unexpectedly turning out to  be a great alarm clock. There’s nothing like a wet cat nose being rubbed all over your face and loud ‘purring’ to get you out of bed in the morning.

  • 2009, year of the blog….. maybe.

    It’s not a New Years resolution, but I had a random thought that maybe I might actually do some blogging this year. I’ve started looking for some mobile blogging tools for either my Blackberry Bold or I-mate 9502 Windows Mobile device. I’ll also get around to doing my own comparison between those devices too.