Well, a few weeks ago I started working for national arts company based in Melbourne, rolling out new PC’s across the network. (yes I.T. is my real job)I’m now virtually running the place. 3 weeks people! 3 weeks! What the?Hey, don’t get me wrong, It’s kinda cool.
I have a Blackberry, a place to hide in the building and the obligatory couple of dumb users.

I’m also probably going on tour for two weeks with the company to NZ & China.

Now, I think I’d better get a passport organized…..

A night at the Opera

This evening I ventured to the Nat (National Theatre) in St Kilda to see The Merry Widow which my friend was lighting. I remember now why I light musical theatre and not opera.

Opera just moves too slow.

She did an excellent job though, considering it was her first proper design as such. The looks were simple, but elegant, which is what you need in opera.

Did I mention star cloths are cool?

The Nat is a lovely old venue, but how I wish some person the same age as the theatre would just drop dead and leave their fortune to the venue....

The decal gap....

No, it's not like 'the sock gap', it's that place on stage where the lead performer always wants to stand, but the decals only get his feet...

Life’s a Cabaret

Well I’ve just emerged from 4 weeks of shows. 3 shows, each 2 weeks, in 4 weeks. Doesn’t add up.

Cabaret, rave reviews, for my lighting individually as well. Happy with that.

Hot Mikado, not a bad little show, with a nice set (if I say so myself) and a last minute LX design which came out better than I thought it would with the time I had.

Rent. Sold out season, rave reviews.   Look out for the Australian premier of The Wild Party next in September