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Day 20 – Trains, Grain and Jet Planes

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Today was the second last day of this epic roadtrip and to be honest, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve been away for three weeks.
Much of todays driving did seem to be going through grain country again although that turned into pasture and then fruit tree and vine.

First detour today was up to Quorn, heading through the Pichi Richi Pass beside the Pichi Richi Railway. I did go on the railway many years ago, but can’t remember much accept for Woolshed Flat where the engine is turned around using a triangle. (think triangle but with inward curving sides)
I’d forgotten how beautiful the terrain is through the pass. I guess that’s the whole Flinders Ranges. I’ll have to get that into another trip and next time when the train is running.

vlcsnap-2011-03-24-23h43m42s44Back south, we headed into the Mount Remarkable National Park to check out the Alligator Gorge. A dull day for gorge visiting and absolutely no-one else there. It also seems to be the park of upside-down speed bumps.





I thought we might be heading down through the Barossa Valley today on mission to find big things but didn’t get that far. We did however journey through the Clare Valley which is also wine country (Although Annie’s Lane is the only winery I recognised).
I was surprised to see an F/A 18 Super Hornet fly over (it certainly looked like the super hornet) as we drove through the valley. I assume it was flying out of RAAF Edinburgh as part of the Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) based there.

Todays primary big or giant object was the Big Miner in Kapunda. We found him and also found out that Kapunda is claimed to be Australia’s first mining town with the copper being mined there from 1842 until 1879.

From the Clare Valley all the way up to Morgan we seemed to be following old railway lines in various states from just the reservation existing to rails still existing. I get the impression this area used to be very rail heavy with three different gauge railways operating.

In Morgan we met the mighty Murray River and I must say I’m impressed at how high it is (certainly the highest I can ever remember seeing it).
We crossed the river by car ferry at Cadell and continued following the river through Ramco and Waikerie where we joined the Sturt Highway. Here we unexpectedly found another big object in the form of a giant Orange Tree. From a distance, my first comment was “the big diseased fruit”.

Driving onwards, we were really in fruit country, driving through endless landscapes of fruit trees. This lead us into Berri, known for its fruit juice company but also evidently Australia’s biggest winery, Berri Estate. (on their sign) ? I’ve never heard of them.
Our primary mission in Berri was to find the Big Orange. Once again using vague directions and knowing that the fabled orange was now closed, we set about looking anyway. Success!

We’re now in Renmark for the night, a town (probably like many on the Murray) that has lots of houseboats.

Tomorrow onto more of the Murray and finally home.

Road Trip Day 1 & 2

So the epic 2011 road trip has begun.

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We got away from Melbourne a little later than we were planning, but made reasonably good time. We stopped in Horsham for lunch (trusty roast chicken and rolls) but not before find our first big object, the Big Koala.

My friend Jade has us a challenge to find “big things” and being Australia, that shouldn’t be too hard. (what is our obsession with big things?)

From here we continued on towards to boarder, taking a spontaneous detour to the look at the historic and well preserved Serviceton railway station.

Here, with the suggestion of a local, we decided to sneak over board the back way.

It was at this point, whilst stopping to take the boarder photo, I had a look at the front of the car. We’d been driving through a fair few locust or insect swarms.

Next stop was Keith (Land Rover on a pole) and then The Big Olive on the outskirts of Tailem Bend.

After a fuel stop in Murray Bridge, we final arrived at our accommodation in Lonsdale, a southern suburb of Adelaide.
The drive into Adelaide through the Adelaide Hills (Stirling and Cherry Gardens) was particularly beautiful. It reminds me of the Dandenong Ranges or Blue Mountains and I’ll definitely have to come back and spend some time in the area.

Dinner was up at the Old Bush Inn in Willunga with my good friend Jade, her crazy but extremely fun friend Sue and of course Stephen. Once again, another beautiful area I’ll have to come back to.

Day two started by brushing the previous days locusts off the radiator, headlights, driving lights etc etc etc….
We thought about a mesh net for the car, but forgot about it before we left Melbourne. On the way out of Adelaide we picked one up and also figured out that Adelaide folk must be good church going people as shops don’t open until 11am.

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(This is where I get lazy as it’s almost midnight as I write this).

Lots of uninteresting flat landscape today.

Snowtown. Stopped to make a deposit at the bank Looked at the big blade.

Fitzgerald Bay – beautiful. Definitely a campsite for a few days on another trip.

Point Lowly

Now in Cowell for the night.

I’ll be getting KML track files up online at some point so you can see exactly where we’ve been.

Maps now in the post after adding KML mime type to WordPress and Stephen showing me how to embed a map with KML.