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Yaari SPAM

I’ve recently been receiving a fair few emails from Yaari.com along the lines of:

[unamed person] wants you to join Yaari!

Is [unamed] your friend?

Yes, [unamed] is my friend! <link>
No, [unamed] isn’t my friend. <link>

Please respond or [unamed] may think you said no 🙁


The Yaari Team

A quick Google search shows a common theme. Yaari, while seeming to be an Indian social networking site, seeming to be a big SPAM network.
It seems that when you join, you give Yaari permission to look through any connected email accounts address books and send emails on your behalf.
Not particularly nice.

What is especially bad in this case is that the [unamed person] is from a webhosting company I obtained quotes from.
They have joined a social network which is now SPAMMING their clients or potential clients.

It also seems that my address was entered into [unamed person]s Gmail account.
Why would a work contact have been entered into a personal Gmail account?