I’m Shout!ing.

Well, I’m on the eve of one of my bigger lighting designs.

It’s for CLOC music theatre’s production of Shout!.

I’ve remembered why I hat big designs for organised companies. It means I have to be organised.
I’m just too good at procrastinating….

On the otherhand, it’s not that hard. I’m using WYSIWYG for all the hard work.
If I really had the time, i’d visualise it as well, not just do the planning in it.

The hardest part with software like this, is getting the initial infastructure into it for each venue. Once you’ve done it once, you re-use it.
In this case, I just imported a 2D CAD drawing of the venue and then went 3D for the LX from there.

Shout! capture from WYSIWYG
Off to print the finished plan & associated paperwork before I get some sleep before my 6am bumpin….
6am! Cruel.

Photos & details from my past 4 or 5 shows soon..

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