change, not for the sake of change.

Well, it’s become clear that my current IT setup away from the office is no longer fulfilling the requirements.

At present I have a SBS2008 which handles my mail (although not receiving with an MX record), some file storage, torrents and remote access.
My Windows mobile device syncs to Exchange over the air.

I also have a Windows Media Centre (7 Beta) which has it’s own storage for recording TV, shows and music.

The problem is that everything is disjointed.

  • Content recorded on the Media Centre can’t be streamed and can’t be accessed unless the media centre is on.
  • Large HDTV content doesn’t play reliably over wireless (needs to be streamed)
  • Storage is distributed between the Media Server, Server & desktop
  • No good reliable backup

In order to try and unify the network, I’m looking at replacing SBS2008 with Windows Home Server.
This will provide storage for all devices, backup for all client computers, remote access and act as a Windows Media Centre storage server and stream content.
(some of this stuff only recently available with the latest Power Pack)

What happens to the mail?
At this point I’m looking into Google Apps.
I’d host the mail there (IMAP to Phone) and use the Google Sync for Windows Mobile to sync/backup contacts and calendar.

I’ll use IMAP with Outlook on the desktop and the Google Calender Sync tool.
The only outstanding item here is syncing Contacts with the Outlook client. At this point in time Google doesn’t appear to have an app to do this, although there are numerous 3rd party tools (most paid), so I will occasionally manually export and import.

I think i’ve decided on this path, now just need to find a time to do it, mail first.

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